You can schedule your request here, but before you do here's a few things you should  know!

All services are by appointment only. I've provided a form below,  where you can leave information on requesting an appointment, your request will be answered within 24hrs. Should your request need same day booking or special attention please feel free to text 404.345.5881


  • Please inform your esthetician of any topical or exfoliation products you're using on face. 
  • No sunburn.
  • No open cuts or wounds.


  • Exfoliate 2 days prior to appointment and 2 days after.
  • Growth needs to be 1/4 of an inch to wax (think of grain of rice)
  • Avoid, hot tubs, hot showers, hot bath, and public swimming pools, post 24hrs.
  • Avoid sun post 24hrs.
  • No taning bed 24hrs pre/post .